The University of Limerick is delighted to host the 72nd Irish Chemistry Research Colloquium on the 17th -18th of June as a Virtual event, hosted by the Department of Chemical Sciences & Bernal Institute.

Thursday 17th June

09h15 Welcome Address Professor Nigel Healey , Provost, University of Limerick

09h30 Keynote Talk Prof David Cole-Hamilton University of St Andrews, UK ‘The Role of Chemists In a Sustainable World’ (Chair Prof Kevin M Ryan)

10h15 Materials Chemistry Chair Prof Edmond Magner (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Daniele Costa da Silva Alves, NUIM: Development of chitosan/carbon nanotube sponge adsorbent to remove pollutants from H2O

Daniela Tomasino, RCSI: Glycosylated Nanoparticles via SET-LR-PISA

Natalia Garcia Domenech, TCD: Development of new nanofiltration membranes using 2D nanomaterials

11h15 Coffee Break

11h30 Inorganic Chemistry Chair Prof Mike Zaworotoko (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Aoibhín Cullen, DCU: Singlet Fission in BODIPY copolymers; a photophysical, TD-DFT, electrochemical and hydrogen evolution study

Adrian Sanz Arjona, TCD: Mild Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zircon-type Silicates (MSiO4) as Analogues to Radioactive Species

Conor Kelly, UCD: The Trigonal Prism: An Atypical Geometry for MnII

12h30 ‘Thesis in 3’ Session 1 Chair Dr Peter Davern, Dan Kerr (DCU), Elliot Murphy (NUIG), Chunchun Li (QUB), Cathal Caulfield (RCSI), Lorna Doyle (TCD), Erika Mooney (TUD), Louise Cooney (UCC), Georgios Papoutsidakis (UCD), Seamus Killian (UL), Abdulmoez Elkhbuli (NUIG), Yuanting Qiao (QUB)

13h15 Lunch Break

14h00 Organic Chemistry Chair Dr Emmet O’ Reilly (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Luke Marchetti, NUIM: Amidosquaramides: Towards New Horizons in Anion Recognition

Kevin Sheehy, UCC: Rationalising Ambident Reactivity using Marcus Theory

Christopher Murnaghan, QUB: Synthesis of advanced biomass models

15h00 Nanochemistry Chair Dr Teresa Curtin (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Sean Hennessey, NUIG: A Prototype Pyrene-Ruthenium Molecular Complex for the Creation of Innovative Photoactive Materials

Gavin Irvine, QUB: Biocompatible cross-linked star polymer model networks for drug delivery applications prepared by aqueous polymerisation

Madhuri Dandamud, WIT: Topical ocular drug delivery through surface-modified nanoparticles to treat age related macular degeneration

16h00 Break

16h15 ‘Thesis in 3’ Session 2 Chair Dr Micheal Scanlon; Dan (Chau Thuy) Nguyen (WIT), Michal Bartowski (DCU), Syl Byrne (NUIG), Anne McGrogan (QUB), Sheila Fitzgerald (RCSI), Rory Whelan (TUD), Gerard Pareras (UCC), Jennie O’Loughlin (UCD), Vanya Petseva (UCD)

17h00 Close of Day

Friday 18th June

09h30 Keynote Talk Prof Tomislav Friscic, McGill University, Canada “Promoting Green Chemistry and Sustainability through the Solid State: Sky is the Limit” (Chair Dr Hugh Geaney)

10h15 Analytical Chemistry Chair Dr Tadhg Kennedy (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Fionn O Fearghal, (TUD): Exploring Shellfish By-Products as Sources of Blue Bioactivities

Niamh O’Mahoney, (UCC): Characterisation of Pharmaceutical Formulations using the novel technique Broadband Acoustic Resonance Dissolution Spectroscopy (BARDS).

Esther Adegoke, (UL): In situ TEM Studies of Nanocrystal Composition, Structure, and Phase.

11h15 Coffee Break

11h30 Physical Chemistry Chair Dr Sarah Hudson (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Tanushree Mandal, (NUIG): Mediated electrochemistry on electrodes with defined surface area for peroxidase-based sensors

Eva Clemente, (RCSI): Probing the glycans accessibility of the biomolecular corona

Dorottya Krizsan, (UCD): Dual Emitting Silica Coated Carbon Dot Probes for DNA Detection 12h30

‘Thesis in 3’ Session 3 Chair Dr Shalini Singh: James Flynn (UL), Stephen O’Reilly (DCU), Ioannis Titilas (NUIG), Carl Fogarty (NUIM), Yaoguang Song (QUB), Niamh Curtin (RCSI), June Lovitt (TCD), Kate Byrne (TUD), Alex Lonergan (UCC), Dan O Hearn (UL), Nataly Rey Munoz (UL), Eadaoin Casey (UCC), mark O’Loughlin (UCD)

13h15 Lunch & Business Meeting

14h00 Biochemistry Chair: Prof Tewfik Soulimane (Each talk 15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Melisa Finnegan, (DCU): Wearable colorimetric sensors for biodiagnostic applications

Kim Shortall, (UL): Immobilization of aldehyde dehydrogenase employing cofactor regeneration for use in biocatalysis

Hollie Jenkins, (TUD): Cytotoxicity of Copper(II) Complexes under Varying Oxygen Conditions

15h00 ‘Thesis in 3 Session 4 Chair: Dr Luis Padrela Fernando Otero (UL), Kavnen Tseke (WIT), Miren Ruiz De Eguilaz (DCU), Ahmed Ahmed (NUIG), Roberta Pacifico (RCSI), Eimear Heffernan (UCC), Caytlin Boylan (NUIM), Samantha Bann (QUB)

16h00 Prizes & Close of Day